Has any one heard from Jeff Judy?

I have tried to get in touch with Jeff and have been unsuccessful in making contact. If you are out there Jeff,drop me a dime or a line. I would love to talk to you. :frowning:

I have not heard from him or seen him since the OHIO Chapter Meeting I attended.

No, but I did stop getting spammed about every meeting he ever held…so that is a plus:D (kidding! hope he is ok)

Ribbing well taken Joe, I hope you are right.:wink:

I noticed things are a bit quieter without that (likeable) Bantam . . .

Speak up, Jeff!

I have just been clearing my throat in preparations.

Preparation for what? You may be asking

Well I’ll tell you this much for now

Stay tuned for, yes, you all know

Another Grand Event in Ohio



Jeff, Good to hear from you. Thougt maybe you had disappeared. Looking forward to the next Chapter meeting.

\:D/ \:D/ \:D/ :-({|= Welcome back Jeff, the fiddle plays again.:mrgreen:

Great things always happen in Ohio other than politics.

Did you by any chance do any air balancing in Lexington?