Has anyone ever seen conductors like this?

First time for me! These conductors were directly below the carpet.

Yes, I’ve seen that ‘type’ before. Typically it is very flat and attachable to walls, so you can power big screen TV’s hanging off of walls. To hide the flat cable, it is paint-able.

Being wall mounted cable, I believe it’s considered not exposed to physical damage.

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There was a system similar to what you pictured, however it was only to be used under carpet tiles.


You are correct sir!

These conductors were used under carpet tiles. I have never seen this before last night’s inspection. It was an IR inspection to locate areas with moisture/water intrusion. The contractor removed the carpet tiles and this was found below. He immediately killed the power to these circuits. .

So those must be these: http://www.ampnetconnect.com/documents/ENG_SS_408-3154_E.pdf

Not these: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/wired-world-is-now-flat/paper+thin-flatwire-disappears-under-paint-256691.php http://www.decorp.com/decord.htm


Yes they are Thomas, Thanks for the PDF file!!

For reference that is in the NEC as:

ARTICLE 324 Flat Conductor Cable: Type FCC

I did a bunch of that stuff in a Radio Shack I wired years back.

I checked with the operations manager of the St. Thomas Energy Services and he says they are not approved in Ontario.

Check out here.

They better be approved, this installation was found at a Government Building. I have a re-inspection on Mon. I will talk with the electrical contractor to determine if these conductors are currently approved for use, and if they are no longer an approved product, when they were disallowed.