Has anyone heard?

Has anyone heard about the condition of a fellow inspector who suffered a debilitating accident a while ago? Name is John Armstrong and by all accounts he is a heck of a guy.

No idea George but did a Google search and it says he is a MIDLAND OAHI member .
… Cookie Strange
how information has not come out if this is the case
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See my old posting

John is finally back to work a little but still has problems with his legs and walking.

Thanks David. I have heard all sorts of dreadful stories about him! I understand that there is going to be some support given to him from the OAHI. If not, can NACHI members send in a few $$ to help out?

My cheque is on its way to David today .
… Cookie

NACHI where Home Inspectors help ALL HOME Inspectors

Where do we send it, and who should the cheque be made out to?

Or any others.
I will be meting John the first Wednesday of Oct. I have collected somefunds already and will continue to do so untill the first of Oct.
If you want to make cheques payable to me. Mark on it John Armstrong funds and I get it to him.
David L Cook
7189 highway 26 East
Stayner On L0M 1S0 or my phone
705-428-6839 and I can do it on Mastercard or Visa.
At the end I can post an accounting for any funds collected for those who need to know their money actually got to John.

Thanks David.

On it’s way!

I have recieved a couple of cheques. Thanks guys.
WIll stopposting on this thread end of next week.
Surprise john with a small donation the week after

Update …
About $475 was given to John and Betsy. They were both shocked and asked their appreciation be expressed to all who donated funds. I advised them funds were donated from this organization, the HI’s did not view organization lines as a barrier.
Thanks to all who sent in funds.

Did anyone receive a thank you or acknowledgement from John Armstrong for the monies he received?

Rather strange that there has been no acknowledgement from him.

I heard nothing I did get two cards from another HI who I helped .

… Cookie

Who did you get thanked by?

It was an American and I see no advantage in mentioning the families name.
… Roy Cooke

Raymond are you keeping score?

Score for what?

I never told John who donated funds. I metioned some funds came from NACHI members and not OAHI as John is a member of OAHI only. He did express his thanks to all who donated and I have passed his gratitude on, {I hope to all who donated}, but he was more shocked when it was given to him.
And if I did miss you, please accept John and Betsy’s appreciation.

Last time I looked I was an OAHI member and my cheque was certainly cashed. I don’t expect personal thanks but I don’t think it’s fair or appropriate to use this as NACHI vs OAHI fodder especially when at least two OAHI members contributed.

Did you really mean to say it that way, David ???

Bill Mullen

I personally wrote John Armstrong the day before last asking how he was doing et ceteras. I received this email in reply.

It may be a good idea if others who donated if they wish send an email as a follow up to see how John is doing. As you can see he is on the mend, and thats great!