Has anyone seen the houseing sales predications for next year

Fox News through a real estate analyst states that housing sales are about to shift to a sellers market as a result of builders who are about to cut back on new home construction,as a result existing real estate inventory will start to sell and at a higher price. to optimistic or what


This was on CNN Yesterday

I don’t know about Nashua, NH but here in Central Florida for the last two years builders have building houses for investors and not traditional homeowners. Regardless of any building cutback there are ten of thousands of existing empty units that will need to be sold prior to any new emerging sellers market, and that could take years based on the property tax and insurance crisis going on here.

I do not predict the Future and I do not have X-Ray vision, but it is just the same old pattern.

Joseph, exactly I agree with you the market here is terrible, lots of inventory
as far as building in Nashua it is pretty built up they like subdivisions here in this town and they have subdivided themselves into a corner

My local paper reported today that foreclosures have skyrocketed in the first 6 months of this year in two counties this paper serves. Not to mention sales of existing homes are down and the county budget is feeling a strain but is OK due to good planning.