Has anyone seen this before

Did an inspection today and came across this. This is on the exterior at the rear., I have never seen this/.


You need wide angle , establishing shots, to show the overall area you want help or info.

And you need to describe what you’re showing. Is that a flat roof where it interests a wall?

It looks like they used some kind of tape or other to keep the upper coating off the roofing. IMHO


Here is another photo to give you an idea

This house was a flat roof but see the arrow in the photo. That’s where it is.

Thanks as always

Doc1.pdf (340.8 KB)

Going on a limb.

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What Larry said ^^^^^^^^

I have another photo

Thanks Guys. Appreciate your help.

Lipstick on a pig:


Looks like they used Painters tape on the house when they painted the patio… and completely covered the Painters tape in paint.

Really old masking tape…

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Morning, Max. Hope to find you well.

Max. I run across plastic wrap protruding between two dissimilar materials on a roof covering on many occasions.

From what I can tell. Plastic was used to protect the modified bitumen roof covering prior the envelope’s finial finish.
The sealing processes of the dissimilar materials and wall components is incomplete.

If the envelope EIFS? If so do you know what type?
Looking forward to your answer.


Looks like blue shop towels to separate stucco from shingles as they refinished, which is odd for flashing?? Is it shingles for flashing? More questions than answers here. IMO, if it was blue tape, you would have recognize that. : )

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Good morning Robert, all is well. Hope the same with you.
Getting ready for Winter?

Appreciate your feedback. I don’t know what type of EIFS. I’m starting (slowly mind you) to get some more inspections so starting to see more interesting finds in the field.

Best Regards.