Has anyone seen this??

This was in the attic and I’m not sure if is sap leaking out of the wood or something else. they are hard and you can brush them off and kinda a reddish color. This was on most of the rafters in the attic.

Typically found in a hot attic.

Looks like sap to me

It is sap…lol…

but it make sure…try doing the tongue test to confirm same… if its sweet tasting then its sap, if its not then drink lots of milk.


Just as James, Wayne and Jeffery above stated. Let us know how the results of the taste test come out.

Looks like moisture staining (black/dark) on the rafter. Any other pictures of the rafters/sheathing that show dark water staining from winter condensation?

Kinda sweet and crunchy!!! and went well with beer… Thanks Guys

Could it be bat dung? What does bat dung taste like? Maybe spider eggs? Refer it to a biologist? :smiley:

How about a sapologist?

This one must not be covered in the correspondence courses.

Ok maybe it is tears, or sweat beads, After all it is hot in those attics

What I was getting to with the questions about moisture staining was if it was not sap, it could be fungus. In the last 10 days, I have seen 2 cases of suspected orange fungus on deck boards. If this was once active fungus caused by a past damp attic, could it be now be dry and dormant.

I have seen lots of dried sap before but not distributed like this and on most of the rafters. The dried sap usually is translucent. Any more pictures?


Hmmm, Is the lumber used Maple??? :wink:

(Like was said before, it is Sap) :smiley:

It’s part of Green Building. If you eat this part of the building, you’re going to turn green.