Has anyone seen this?

I found a vent stack in an 1898 house. Aside from not extending above the roof line, it appears to have some form of a vented capped. There were slots cut into the threads. Can anyone enlighten me about this configuration?

was there a oil tank?

looks like a whistle

No oil tank, just this protrusion through the rear porch roof in direct alignment with basement vent stack. I haven’t run into this type of termination before. I’m wondering if it will ever be able to provide enough air to follow the drains when the house is running at full bore.

It should not be closer than 12 inches from the wall.
Bet that was a dormer built after the vent was in place.

On a side note- time for a new camera! :slight_smile:

What is your camera of choice? I have been looking for a camera that has a good wide angle view for taking picture of rooms. As you know it’s difficult through a doorway to get the whole room.

Yeh, the camera is a disappointment. I’m using a Nikon waterproof/shockproof, but have been disappointed with the battery life, soft lens cover that has already scratched, its unpredictable focusing. The lens location is in the upper right corner rather than the center so when extending the camera into tight places my pistol aim is not where the camera lens is aimed. I would not recommend this for the inspection world. The one positive is that it IS durable.

Why would you need to get a whole room into a picture? Thats the appraiser’s job! I get a good picture of the front of the house, and defects only.

And since you asked, I use a Fuji, 14MP, 24X zoom. Always crystal clear. I use rechargeable batteries, a full charge will last all day- 150-250 pictures if I do 2 bad houses! http://www.hsn.com/electronics/fujifilm-finepix-s4200-14mp-720p-24x-optical-zoom-digital-camera-black_pf-1115463_xp.aspx?&mr:referralID=01aaf8df-3e90-11e2-8751-001b2166c2c0&rdr=1&cm_mmc=Shopping%20Engine--PLA--Electronics-_-6761910

Bob is on the right track. I find turn of the century homes had the vents on the exterior of the home and most did not terminate above the roof.

I like my Olympus Stylus Tough. Waterproof and shockproof. Takes great pictures. 14Mp.

I now love my Samsung Android Galaxy with 21X optical and Quad core JellyBean processor.:slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing