has anyone taken the 120 hr pre-license course online?

Going to be joining here within the next month and was wondering if it is self paced or timed? I remember both the RE school course for sales person and mortgage broker were “timed” and even though we may have been done with everything for the day we would just sit there and wait. Going to be moving back to Florida hopefully around the beginning of the year and plan on having the pre-license course done so I just need to take a test.

The courses are self-paced, the final exams are timed. You’ll also have to take InterNACHI’s proctored exam which is used by the state of FL for pre-licensing. See www.nachi.org/florida.htm

I loved the course. Highly recommend it. The membership is worth it’s weight in gold in my opinion.

There all self paced and worth all of the 120 hours taken. I finished this course in about three months, grant it I was taking classes almost every night and weekend. Good luck with your move to Florida. Where about are you moving?

Just took mine last week and passed. Waiting for the state to process my HI application.:smiley: