Has anyone thought about using Grainger?

I’m wondering if anyone has an account with Grainger and how they like it. LOOKING FOR OPTIONS FOR SUPPLIERS.

I have made purchases from Grainger when I worked in the environmental remediation field. Lot’s of nice tools and they are located within 25 minutes from me.

I use them extensively. Wait till you see their catalog! Great prices and the customer service is excellent.

I used to use Granger in New England.

Douglas, you may find Johnstone Supply more readily available in Tennessee, unless you want to order by catalog.
I purchased a truckload of equipment through my HVAC school in New England from Johnstone Supply. I see Johnstone Supply outlets throughout middle Tennessee now. They carry a substantial amount of test equipment in stock which is sometimes more convenient when you need it right away. If they don’t have it, they will order it and it will be available within a matter of hours. They are wholesale only, so you need to set up a cash account (which takes about five minutes).

Andrew, do you have a commercial HVAC account with other suppliers?
I have always been able to beat Granger’s prices on most everything HVAC.
They do have about everything you need, and they do have good service.

David, I am sure that Graingers prices can be beat if you do some shopping. The main reason I use them is due to their location. I place the order, drive 6 miles and pick it up.

I have had a Grainger account for 20+ years.

Prices are generally not the best but product availability is always good.

We have an account with Grainger also for the past 20 + years and they provide great service and selection.

Marcel :slight_smile:

We have a company here called CC Dixon. I can order something that comes from Granger and it’s cheaper than if I buy it from Granger!

You are correct, Convenience saves time. Time is money!

I’m not slamming Granger. Having a commercial account and doing volume pulls the prices way down. Some may see these savings, some may not.

I’m with Joe Hagarty. Grainger is not always cheapest, but if they don’t have it today, they will by tomorrow.

I agree with others that the customer service is great. The local guys make me feel like a big spender, preferred customer-big shot even though I probably don’t pay their light bill.

Once you get set up in their system, I believe you can walk-up to any location, and use them like any other retail store.

Been with Grainger for 30 + years, cant beat the service and locations.

Is Grainger the company who bought Professional Equipment?

I have had a Grainger account for 16+ years. Love the ease and availability of products.

been using WW Graingers for more than 20yr, have the CD catalog, comes with code for your discount, for over 12 years. They got a lot of stuff.

good company and service

prices a little on the high side

Graingers, has outstanding products, great service, great shipping, and a easy return / warranty policy. As a past Purchaser, I could always count on product availability and quick shipping. Pricing is multi level based on industry and volume. Generally if you have the time to research the product you can get a better price. They fill a good niche in the industry. You know what they say " Business has three criteria, Price, Quality, Service…you can only pick two!"