Has Kansas HB-2315 Passed

This PM we were told that the Senate’s revision to HB-2315 was dropped and that it reverted to the original Bill put forth by the Kansas Realtors (KAR), the Realtor Chairman of the House Commerce Committee (Rep Brunk of Wichita), and the KAREI (Kansas ASHI Real Estate Inspectors).

That would be HB-2315. We were also told it has now passed the Senate.

Have not confirmed that - anybody know if this is true or not??


Nothing has been posted on the State website yet. Last post was 4-4-08

Who told?

Appraiser said his wife (an agent heard it at a Realtors meeting) told him.

Trying to confirm or not.

Thanks Dan. I have not heard anything about HB 2315 from anyone. It is very quiet. Got to go up north this morning, so I probably will not hear anything today from Topeka. I hope the bill will not go through. Does anyone know how much longer the legislature says in conference? Is today the last day?

Hasn’t moved out of committee yet. Doesn’t appear to be on the schedule for discussion today either.

Realtors are already announcing to their members it passed. Look at the Reece and Nichols memo sent to their leadership team on 5/2/08.

We need to rename the Bill.

Not the “Home Inspectors Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2008”,

But Call it more accurately

“The Realtors & Trial Attorneys Shift the Liability Act of 2008”

What in the heck happened in Topeka on Saturday? Does anyone know for sure? What home inspection bill passed? Who railroaded this thing through? I have heard already this morning that all of the realtors in Kansas are celebrating. They can now, I assume, sue us at will.

You got it. Its flown the coop. Supposed to be at Governors office by monday.

Here is what I found. Not much has changed. Realtors will be able to perform their own inspections, and not have to abide by any provision of the law. I would like to hear from more inspectors about this. This is the biggest conflict of interest of any other state home inspection regulation that I have heard of. I feel that I will be out of business, and pushed out by the realtors, brokers, engineers, etc.


I also am confused about the line on the Kansas HB supplement that says a home inspector will be prohibitied from “performing home inspections where the result is determined in advance”. What the heck is that???

Remember, this bill was written for and sponsored by real estate salesmen.

They have created the grounds, and now the means of presenting the argument, that when you kill a deal…it was preplanned in order to enable the buyer to walk.

You’re not looking at the latest up to date goodies. See the attached memo from the Reece & NIchols Corporate office to their staff

Heres the Senate / House Compromise goodies.

Take a REAL good look at the requirements to get registered. There’s the rules for city guys AND then the different requirements for rural guys.

I read that and thought you gotta be ****ting me - what dimwit came up with that BS.

Bet the farm or something else. They’ll have 5 Board members with 3 being home inspectors. Per the new law once it kicks in, the only rule on the other 2 is that they can’t be home inspectors - who do you think (what group) intends to take 1 or more of those 2 positions???

Next thought - what does it take to be on the BOD (remember the law was written by the realestators and ashi)?? 5 years and 1,000 inspections.

Each district in the state will have 1 member on the BOD. In rural Kansas how many inspectors have been in business over 5 years and 1,000 jobs??

The ashi and realtor crowd have set this up to eliminate almost any other group other than themselves.

I guess I can now move to a county of less than 60,000 and do inspections anywhere in the state. Still, realtors will be able to do their own inspections, and not have to abide by any state law. Nick, please help us here.

Who, in Kansas, has the balls to help the used house salesmen come to regret their new law?

And I was bemoaning the fu@ked up Florida law, sorry Kansas it now looks like you have the worst bill.

After looking and reading the bill and some other things, I believe that perhaps HB 2315 will add tremendous amounts of paperwork, and cost, not only for inspectors, but brokers and realtors alike. It may, I hope, come back to bite the sales people and the ones who run/manage the offices. The 10 day window/waiting n[FONT=Verdana]egotiating [/FONT]period will not be long enough. We will see if the Govenor will sign it. Any word on that yet?