Hatch Romex

Well do think it is a problem, romex in scuttle hole.

lol…i tell you Brian…I have even seen AHJ’s miss the fact that NM Cable is less than 6’ from the scuttle hole…

However…this one is just plain obvious…lol…we will assume a home owner added it later…thehehe;)

It was a remodeled 1300 sq/ft 1963 beauty Paul, doubt the AHJ even saw it. I tell you the hatch was not easy to open.:wink:

Six foot rule applies…

I found these yesterday. They are SEC cables that feed adjoining units in a condo and ran directly over the attic hatch. The unit I was inspecting had a lovely Zinsco panel too.



I see this situation a lot in Condominium (Common Area) attics.

This is how the cabling should be laid out, in your particular situation…

Thanks David- As I re-read my post I realize that the cables are Service Cables and not S.E.C.s.

Where do you get your images? They are excellent.

It looks like a lot of dryer lint also on the insulation, was the dryer or bathroom vented in the attic also.

David…Great images…

Images come from the CD’s I purchased from C & D and Inspection Depot.


Are they identified as Type SER? If so they would be a 4-wire feeders from the main to the unit so that the EGC and Neutral could be separated in the panelboard where the feeder terminated.

It was just dust Len. I don’t think anyone has been up there since it was built -1973!