Hate fumbling for panel screws?

(Tip) If you find yourself fumbling for panel screws when you are putting the panel back on, I tried this today and it worked well (for those that use the magnetic handles for removing service panels). The edge of magnetic handle reveals enough of the magnet surface to hold on to the panel screws. They are right there in front of you for easy picking when you are reinstalling the cover.

Panel Screws.jpg

Nice idea but seems bulky.
I might just try a small magnet as my bag needs less /not more.

Some flashlights come with a magnet built in for instance.

I might need to pick up one or two of those handles. I see Northern Tools has them. Thanks for the tip…!

I use them on all panel covers except Siemens since they have those great little support tabs at the top corners. (The handles work great, it’s just those screws I hate fumbling with :roll: )

They are strong enough to hold the panel cover? Do you use one or two? Great idea! Bob I completely agree…the bag just seems to get heavier and heavier each year!

I cleaned mine out a few months back and it is now half the weight it was.
The key is to realize which tools you will never use.

I had stuff like circuit tracers and extra screwdrivers,pliers,etc that simply are not needed.

Even stuff like old batteries begin to pile up.

I bet many think like I do and start preparing as if we are gonna do minor repairs.

After drivers,flashlights,electrical testers,gas sniffers,moisture meters,etc the rest is eclectic.

And carry some extra universal panel screws, so that when (not if) you drop one and cant locate it you are good to go … :wink:

I was near a Northern Tools this afternoon and tried to find them. My luck they didn’t have any, so I’ll just order them online.

They have a 100 pound capacity, so I’m sure one will do it. For what they cost, I’ll get a couple.

I actually wear a magnetic bracelet that cost me $4 at a festival…hmmmm.:slight_smile:

You should also wear goggles and gloves.

Nice mark-up…:neutral:

Does the magnet keep the cover from rotating if it’s not centered when you are holding that with one hand and taking the last screw out with the other hand?

My work shirts have pockets. Double Hmmmm. :smiley:

You slob.
I wear high quality polo shirts.

Personally I am not to fat to put them on the ground in front of the panel.LOL

20lbs lighter in 3 mo’s and counting.

225 in May and 204 at present.

That was my heaviest (and I wondered why women stopped looking):wink:

I use two magnets, one on each side (high and low). Works very well. I received a third one in a NACHI door prize package. Haven’t figured out what to do with that one yet :slight_smile:

I use a heavy duty magnet attached to my work belt. Hold 6 screws very well. Don’t have to fumble too much. I love it.