hate TA pick on Chuckie here, seems like a good ole dude huh

…BUTTTTTTT, somethings wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong!!! looolll

Waterproofing your foundation, how to trench etc etc

My my my, where to begin? I’ll twwwy and minimize this FER now.

:40 You see them applying liqqqquid rubba ??? lool
Jesus man, they didn’t even bother to clean, scrape and brush the fkkkg dirt OFF the dang wall!!!#%#^&^@^%&^((_)((+(^%$

Then, it sure looks like they didn’t even bother to bring that THIN azz liqqqqquid rubber UP high enough, least they don’t show it and he doesn’t say that they do/did. BIG mistake.

And at 2:40 Mr Chuck says, “This was a deep dig, a good 3’…”

Chuck, 3’ g damn feet deep is a walk in the fkkkg PARK!!!

Loooooookie here Chuck, one of many we did, it was 6 1/2’ deep and 36’ long, ONE Day, all hand dug… 3 diggers.

plus a shttload of big fat azz underground tree roots, try doing this amount, at this depth for 3 decades and THEN we’ll talk, ok?

He said what again, “This was a deep dig, a good 3’ deep…” Come on people, don’t fk n bulllshtt my azz and stop bullting thousands of others, you don’t know wtfff hard azz labor is, obviously!