Hat's off to Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who served! My hat’s off to you. Although I never had that honor, I’ve nothing but respect to those that did! !



Ditto that Bob. I was drafted for Nam, but my physical sent me back home.

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christmas 72…

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Hey Jim, was that you on the horse? :smiley: :wink:
Thanks for your service buddy.

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That is my oldest Son Partner…he’s 47 now…time flies…He can no longer fit on the horse…


Thanks to all you Veterans!

I was caught up in the draft and missed it by 3 numbers. My 2 late brothers served and I have the flag up on top of a wall separation, between 2 rooms, from my one brothers full burial salute at Forte Custer National Cemetery in lower MI. I was honored to accept his flag as the family person.


You’re a good man, Jim. :smile:

Don’t tell my wife Larry She hates being told she is wrong…

10-4 my friend…

Thanks guys! I served 1996-2003, as a US Marine and was in Iraq in 2003. Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have made the sacrifice and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. R.I.P brothers and sisters.

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No, thank you, Warren!

Thanks for you service Warren. My son was a medic in the green zone in 2003.

Nice picture Jim. Dressed your grandkids in the same uniform?

A belated apology for the lose of your brother. And God bless his soul.

Sempre Fi to you brother.