haunted house

this is really strange, the flash did not work on this basement photo
and look at what we found! the house was early 18oo’s that had been



Gave me the freeking chills.

Carla I am scared. Please hold my hand.

Looks like someone pointing; giving directions? That would make sense since you said the house had been moved.:wink:

Hi Carla,

You may use my standard ghost and ghoul disclaimer:

" Due to the considerable age and general spookiness of the home we strongly recommend that effective ghost busting measures be undertaken prior to close of escrow, we have found the following to be most useful remedies:

  • Ghosts, Ghouls, Specters & Poltergeists, Try your local parish priest for exorcism.
  • Werwolf’s or Vampires, we strongly recommend Van Helsing
  • Ectoplasm etc, who you gonna cal? who you gonna call? … Ghostbusters."

If Keith is reading this, you are welcome to include this verbiage in the next PV release.

:mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :shock: :wink:



or it could be another inspector from a different org telling you to go he was here first.

Who you gonna call!