Have a leaky basement? Why call Everdry n other inside system dorks?

People, YOU need to start making better decisions. When you get water in your stinky basement, many panic and reach for the piece of sht Yellow Pgs and VERY likely call 1++ inside system companies who will bs you.
–Moldy basement, Target 11 investigates Everdry
…‘So they jack hammered everything out AGAIN and put the system back in’
…The company did admit some of the work was not up to company standards.
Eh, they do not identify the actual problems and they friggin fix the actual problems!@!!

…‘It started to feel like it was turning into scare tactics’.
Hello! Of course it was!@@!@!
And GARBAGE companies like this PAY, get help from some in the MEDIA like Sullivan in Ohio and used ta get same recommendations from shthaed Haege.

2nd couple/homeowners…crumbling walls, water still entering…lifetime guarantee my azz!@!@!!! They NEVER ‘identified’ the real problems NOR did they FIX the real problems!!!

Typical. No one tells the truth, so why should they? It is all about making money; the legal equivalent of extortion. If they fill their pockets with cash, who cares? Most people these days are clueless to reality, and are vulnerable to anything.

I talked to a banker the other day: “man, I have been busy writing up dozens of home equity loans because of bad foundations, and clients each needing thousands of dollars in repairs. How many bad basement have you found this year” he asked me last week?

My answer: none.

lolol Gary :wink: