Have I Ever Helped You?

Hello to all,

This year I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for Member of the Year.

If you have been helped by me, or enjoy my straightforwardness outside the box attitude I ask for your vote for Member of the Year. I have helped many of you over the years and will continue to do so. I am doing my best to get National Homebuilders to accept us as a benefit to them as independent inspectors or consultants. I am already working for a few National Builders and hope being Member of the Year will open even more doors for me with the Big Boys. This will benefit all interNACHI inspectors as all I deal with get my speech on what a great organization I belong to.

Do not worry although the votes count will show no one will actually know who you voted for so you have no repercussions to fear. We all know how bad the trolls can get.

Please do all you can to help me win and I will do all I can to make sure all of us win as much as possible.

Anyone who wishes to talk to me or has any questions please feel free to email me or call me anytime.

Just make sure you vote whether for me or not. As the trolls want to rule the world you can show your opinion matters.

Any detailed questions please just call, it is so much easier to tell you than to type out the same stuff I have typed so many times before that you may have not seen.

You gave me some phone advice when I was starting Mike. Appreciate it and would be happy to vote for you — How/where do I do it?

Thank’s I can’t tell you how much that matters. Especially since you admit it. :smiley:

I honestly bust my rear talking up InterNACHI and I always help fellow inspectors. I bet I get 50+ calls a year minimum and yet you are the first guy to stand up. Thanks, I appreciate it. To the rest of you who do not wish to be known you do not have to post to vote :slight_smile:


Not in any way that I can think of other than to provide some comic relief from time to time, but that was always by accident.

Glad I could entertain a Texas inspector in a Florida Forum :slight_smile:

Have fun.

This should be moved to the NFE Section. Or removed all together.

Who hoo I gained a couple more votes now I am only about 16 votes away from the lead.

Thanks for the last two.

Greatly Appreciated.

I got a refund from NACHI nickles after you destroyed it. Does that count?

Great for you I am happy for you :slight_smile:

Super glad I could help you as well.

Vote Now. Vote Often.

Meeker 2016 :slight_smile:

Man, I am certain that many folks said they saw my posts when they called for advice and yet I do not see them here. Like I say you do not have to post here just Please vote. I know there are 14 of you out there that will read this today. If you vote for me I’ll be tied for first with a long way to go :slight_smile:

Meeker for *** clown beggar of the year :roll:

You’re just begging to have a complaint filed against you, aren’t you?

Not that ANYTHING would happen we all know that. Just proving the type of guy you are.

No you have not

It used to be an award awarded by the committee. They changed the rules with 3 days left of nominations and put it to a vote. They only put the nominations they choose up to be seen. Since when can not a person who is nominated for an ELECTION campaign.

You all deserve what you get and the Awards Commitee members who took part in this fiasco should be immediately removed and embarrassed by they actions against me from the VERY START. The whole thing was rigged by a very few and they did all they could to stop me from winning from the very start. Complete scumbags, those who participated in it.

mike has sent me at least 20k with of referrals since I’ve known him

Mike is a major help. He always stays positive even when the forum breaks into civil war. Vote Mike! I will!

And for some weird reason, my posts are moderated even though I am a member. Mike, is this Russia interfering with the election?

And that is only One of you. We also cover the exact same areas. The rest of you can piss off I’m DONE. Fend for yourselves you ingrates. Especially that Pig in Boca.

Funny thing is Dennis is the first one EVER to criticize me online :slight_smile: Now a real Friend that can be trusted.

It does count for something.

Click, click, Bang , Bang like a charm, thanks.