Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

At $4 per square foot we gotta be getting close. :smiley:

1527 Oak Street, Columbus, OH 43205 - $9,900

Bank Owned. Price Reduced! Wow This Duplex Sold For $89,000 In 2002. Great View, And Near Rapid Appreciating Old Town East Area. Duplex Actually Has 3 Bedrooms Per Side. Excellent Cashflow And Equity Opportunity Here.


I wish I had some of those around here. That’s probably a good investment for rental. Let’s face it, it’s a ***rental ***market out there.

Do we as inspectors care? Business is better than ever. For inspectors to flourish we need transactions, up or down, it doesn’t matter. If I’m not inspecting for end user homeowners, I’m working for investors. It all pays the same. This is actually a blessing for many full time, long term professional inspectors. Slow market conditions help weed out the part time, low priced, inexperienced inspectors. For those of us who survive and grow during this down market, we’ll be even stronger on the other side.

Much success to all.

BTW: buy, Buy, BUY!

That might me a California thing, Will. Home inspection prices are at their lowest ever in my area. The newer guys who have managed to stick around are working for the cost of gasoline to get to the job. :neutral:

I agree with Will. This is my busiest year yet (3 years in business). I am getting most of my work by word of mouth from former clients. Most of my phone calls begin with “you did an inspection for so and so, and they let me look at their report and I really liked it…” and the market is “down” a great deal in Missouri.