Have you all been receiving your check$ from our Owens Corning project promptly?

(Richard Ingalls, CMI, HI5092, CGC1518618) #21

Received the check 7/30. So it took 21 days. Prompt! :smiley:

(Anthony M. Westbrook, AL-HI-3028) #22

Yes, within 30 days.

(Andrew A. Griffin, CMI) #23

All within 30 days. It seems to average two weeks. No complaints with payments or the jobs.

(Rick A. Stacy) #24

After a slight delay with the first ones, all has been prompt since, probably about a couple weeks or less after I send in shingles.

(Jeff L. Gollaher, CMI) #25

Good results with the OC job checks. Roughly a 1 1/2 to 2 week wait for checks. Im happy with the extra income.
Thanks nachi

(William N. Thimmes) #26

They seem to be coming faster now, within 2 weeks. The third job I did took 3 months.

(Michael L. Boore) #27

I only did 3 and then was too busy with inspections, but I believe I got paid within 2 to 2 1/2 weeks on all three. Avg. was around $140. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Barbara D. Divine, #HI-7917) #28

The first few jobs, it took 60+ days to get checks. That was at the end of last year. So far this year, all jobs have had a check back within 2 -3 weeks and I consider that to be prompt payment.

Barbie Divine-Hartley
Hartley Inspection Services, Inc.

(Aaron Bye, CMI WI 2765 - 106) #29

Last year I did one Data collection and once I asked about it I was sent a check. This summer it has been 2-4 weeks. I was explained that checks are written out every other week so it depends on when in that time frame OC sends out the confirmation that the job was complete.
I think I have done 9 now and every job gets easier overall. I have every color shingle needed on a cart in my garage so I do not always have to go to Lowes and pick up anything.

(Jonathan H. Hettrick) #30

I have done a couple of jobs now. As others have said it seems like the last few checks have come in much quicker. Or perhaps I am getting used to being paid 30 days later. I do believe the last check came in just a little over 2 weeks. As with any inspection there are some of these jobs that are worth the money and some that take much more time due to conditions of the shingles or need to get extra supplies etc. On average it all seems to work out. I am happy to be able to pick up a few extra assignments so I will gladly stick with the program.

Jon Hettrick
Mountain Home Inspection, LLC

(Patrick W. Doleshal) #31

Yes, 1 to 2 weeks at the latest.

(Fidel F. Gonzales, 450.004247) #32

It seems like checks delivery has improved. 1-2 weeks is the normal. Thanks to Ben & Kelsea:)

(Barry Hutchins) #33

I’ve done two Owens Corning jobs - the first was paid promptly and the second was only mildly delayed; no complaints. Thank you for asking.

(Gregg Stanley) #34

The first couple took a little longer than expected, the last one I received within two weeks. The first two may have been due to the fact that they were my first ones and I “may” have not included information correctly.

Overall satisfied with the procedure though. :smiley:

(Brian M. Meredith) #35

I got my check within three weeks of submitting the data and sending in the shingles. I’m very satisfied with this program!:smiley:

(Larry F. Rollins) #36

Prompt payment is not the problem. I will not take anymore OC jobs because. Although they sound simplistic they are not. I have a large lake in the immediate area, they pay by “as the crow flies” miles. Well the crow flies over water and I have to go around, so a payment for 8miles becomes a 35 mile trip. Also, the tracking of jobs is terrible. I completed a job and was constantly badgered for not completing it, because they had screwed up the paperwork. I will do no more. Period!

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(Ben J. Gromicko) #37

Hi, Larry. I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be taking any more roof inspection jobs. The last job you performed was in May, which was during our pilot stage. Because of your feedback, we’ve worked out the kinks and now have a fairly smooth process of scheduling jobs for members. Thanks for your participation.

(Ren Ramsey, NC #175) #38

All payments to me have been very prompt, even better than some of my clients. Any questions I have had with the program or orders have been promptly answered and handled by staff including numerous staff where required. I have not had a lot of calls but everything has been very smooth on the ones I have had.

(Erik D. Coplin, CMI, HI7608) #39

I’m posting at NACHI request. I’ve done quite a number of these jobs. I have no problem squeezing one in within a day of receiving the assignment and the homeowners are always happy to see movement in the processing of their claim. The jobs have not been difficult and usually take about 30-60 minutes depending on difficulty, not counting drive and preparation time. They make a great addition to my ancillary offerings that stabilize the job flow and income.

As far as payment, OC is one of my only account receivables. Tracking outstanding revenue stream is just a part of doing business. Most of my inspections are paid at the time of inspection. So 30 days is somewhat of an accounting norm and I’ve only missed 1 payment to that standard. I didn’t worry about it since OC and NACHI are pretty trustworthy! Since I had a few stacking up I contacted Kelsea and it straightened out in a couple weeks. And the small outstanding payment doesn’t disrupt anything.

Keep them coming! I’ve noticed an increase in the past month.

(Mark E. Glowczynski) #40

Received first check for first job. 3 weeks to the date. Not bad. It was from InterNACHI and made out to my biz and not me personally. Have to get that remedied as I don’t have a biz bank acct.