Have you done your Taxes Yet

Have you done your taxes yet. Vote your choice.

These are the rules my accountant shares with me:

Dec 31 - pay 90%(min) of your taxes due.
Apr 15 - pay 100% of your taxes due.
Oct 15 - paperwork due (with auto extension).

No reason to rush. :wink:

For what year?:slight_smile:

I’m caught up to 1994.


Lol, 1 for 17, not that great of a record!

I have not reiceved my payment through escrow yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:

Oh No my friend.

Lets see what happens when everyone gets the $300-$1,200 checks in the mail by June, or will it be at the end of the summer…


You had to go there. :frowning:

So do you want a one time check for $600 bucks with a tax hike of a couple thousand per year after the Bush tax cuts expire,


do you want the money spent on reducing the deficit, tame out of control spending, and the Bush tax cuts made permanent?

It’s rhetorical, so don’t answer and further fan the flames you started. :wink:


It will be by last name. I want mine first so I am changing from Porter to ACME.

With the 3 trillion dollar budget, I think they’ll need all of the help they can get. To put in perspective how much 3 trillion is…

A person given $1million dollars a year would need to live to 3 million years to amass $3 trillion dollars.

The universe is 15 billion years old on the outside,would need another 200 lifetimes to reach 3 trillion.

Counting to 3 trillion at the rate of one number per second** would take approx. 95,000 years.

Don’t you need to show a positive income before you pay taxes?

Not in states like NJ, there is a minium tax, reguardless of what you make, or don’t.