Have you ever come across these?



Thermal-actuated damper… Right?
I don’t like these. I always see signs of venting problems on appliances with these dampers.


Did you get a good photo of the label?


Ben, if it is indeed defective, from pic 3 it appears to be stuck open. :stuck_out_tongue:
Why wouldn’t you simply call for removal, a simple fix?

John Kogel

It looks like it has been in there a millenia or two, I’d just call to have it repair/replace.

I do. Whenever I see these I recommend having the damper removed, and having a HVAC pro further evaluate the system. I just wanted to know if it’s been seen by anyone else.

Heater Ben?..nope, I never seen one, all we have is cool air conditioning–:))

No I have not seen one of those in my area either they would typically be a bad idea. What did you see other than the damper that made you call for further evaluation or were you just cya. Personally I have to have a reason for further evaluation and state it in the report as not performing its intended function.

These were used during the first energy crunch in the 70’s/80’s to keep residual heat in the unit/house rather than it being sucked up the chimney and to stop warm house air being sucked out of the house by stack effect/wind induced draw between heating cycles…but were eventually considered a bad idea

They cause over heating of the heat exchanger on furnace start up ,they open very slow and you will have fumes roll out. I recomend removal.:wink: