Have You Ever Seen a Dryer Vent Here ??

Here is a pic of an inspection I did a couple months back. I was shocked and was kinda lost from this location of the dryer vent over the Electrical panel Outside.

It was funny to say the least. The thing was there was room at the floor level to install the vent behind the dryer. I have no idea why it was placed here. Maybe a few too many beers for a home owner with a new dryer one day.:slight_smile:
Dryer Vent Wrong Area.jpg


That’s meant to keep the electric meter warm. After all, warm electrons flow faster than cold electrons. Just ask the scientists who work with super cooled materials. Those electrons just don’t like the cold. LOL

No duct seal required. The dryer hood will keep the water away from the meter panel penetration.

Here are clearance requirements a scarved up off a POCO PDF.

1 If your electric meter will be
under it, the deck must be at
least 7 feet high.
2 There must be 36 inches of
unobstructed space in front of
the meter.
3 There must be a 36-inch
wide unobstructed travel path in
front of the meter.
4 There must be at least
2 inches of space on both sides
of the meter.
5 No structure may be built
around the meter, except for
approved meter rooms.
6 Doors or windows cannot be
within one foot of the meter.
7 Meters located inside fenced
areas must have gate access.

I’m with Russel on this one…keeping the meter warm increases efficiency!@!!