Have you ever seen a home you've inspected on the news?

Have you ever seen a home you’ve inspected on the evening news?

It happened to me last night. They were doing a story about the extremely windy conditions in this area and showed a house that had a tree fall on it.

I went back and looked at my inspection report. It’s almost like I predicted it would happen:eek:


wow, good one, good call

Very good call I wonder if the insurance company got that information, I also wonder if the news station would do a follow up on the good information home inspectors give clients who that don’t follow up on it. Could be good press for home inspectors for a change.

Wow, a regular prognosticator. Good call.

Bet the Insurance Company would like to get their hands on that…

Be careful about disclosing this stuff in public. You have a contract…

Great call though!

Does the “Buy Back” program cover this???

The 90 day warranty would cover it.

Too bad I don’t have that.

I wonder if Darth offers “Falling Tree Guard” coverage?

There was that one weird house in Amityville a while back.
I think they made some kind of movie about it. :wink:

Good catch

maybe this thread should be moved to a non public area?


Good call.

I inspected this one

Fisker tried to implicate the homeowner. The only problem is that he had security video inside the garage showing the car spontaneously catching fire and burning down 1/2 of his house.