Have you ever seen this done?

This is a first for me.

See it quite often here.

Yes, many times

Its a sign of a pro. This way they can tell what wire is which during the install. If wires are moved in the panel, they can still be easily identified. I see it all the time too.

Where in Michigan are you Robert?

Also when the panel is being upgraded.

Oh i agree it was done by a pro. I live in Dundee, home of Cabelas.

:DIt is common in cincinnati oh also. During the rough-in stage the tech. I.D.s the cable for the final connection latter. The cables are then installed with-in the panel with the outer insulation still on. 1 cable at a time is striped then saving the I.D. and placed back on the hot cond. Common pratice for at least 10 years now. Great Idea

Common in North Carolina as well.

I see it down here in South Florida at times. Not as often as I would like to. It does make for easy ID later on for sure.


See it fairly often here too. Probably 25% of the ones I see have no labels, so glad to see this.