Have you seen a leach field like this?

This was was the leach field for a 2800 sq. ft. 3 BR home. It looks awfully small and why is the surface wavy? (I think it’s a leach field, what else would it be?)

It could be a marked grave for a 12’ anaconda.

I’m beginning to think that’s about as likely as it being the leach field for a 2800 sq. ft. home, Stu.

Maybe it’s a variation of a japanese meditation garden. Maybe it’s a water feature. Maybe you put a ramp on one side and jump it with a quad runner. Whatever it is, it has a vent.

I share the office with a couple of architects and neither of them can figure it out either. I guess I’ll ask the seller.


my theory





Graveled area is just for ease of tank access for future pumping.
Move rocks, open cover(s), insert honey wagon hose, voila!

whats that white stuff?

This home’s at 9000 ft. in the Rockies. White stuff fell out of the sky…
“Sky was falling at the time of the inspection”.