Have you seen oil tanks like these?

and are they legal in your area… first time i’ve come across these and I have put some feelers out to my favorite oil company… thought i would share!



just a quick follow up…

these tanks are basically legal in maine as long as UL listed… the set up is not. The stands they are on are too high and likely not strong enough. the state code says 12" (specific to legs)… and they are made to receive the typical pipe legs too… and the fill and vent pipes are a mess… wrong materials, sizes as well as some leaking.

There is no spill containment. does your state regs require it?

i dont believe so at this point… but i bet its coming…

Hi Jeff, I have seen those tanks several time before, but never in a residential setting, they are more common in an industrial setting, and I deffinately agree with the stand issue their, my guess would be someone picked those up as salvage.