Have you seen these shutters before?

I tried to look up the number 94-0516.16 and had no luck.

Does anyone have a NOA or testing report on these so the client does not have to get new shutters.

Note: They must be doubled up to work. That sure seems asinine :roll:


I have seen those panels several times. S.E. metal was one of the largest fabricators in the state and when the large missile test was developed their single ply panels had too be doubled too pass the test until they were able to retool their plants too press a higher gauge metal. If your client does in deed have the required double panels, they will then meet the requirement. The impact test has not changed for storm panels TAS 201,202, and 203. It was developed in 1994 and is still the current standard being used today.

Thanks Mark.

Seems like that product would be better suited for light duty shed roofing!

They looked pretty good in person.

If not for the insurance reasons I would say they are good enough alone.

I bet they were pretty close by themselves.