Have you transferred your comments from HIP to HG

Just wondering if anyone has successfully transferred a large library of comments from home Inspector Pro to HomeGauge and what the clean up process was like.

Kenton, why are you switching to HG?

I’m not, Marcel. I want to start work on a major commercial template and I’m trying to decide what format to create it in. Depends on what will covert most cleanly to most inspection software.

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Let me know about that one.

I’ll post when it becomes available, Scot. It’ll be a while.

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Keep in mind that other software vendors do not have the same template structure as we do. They may not organize their comments by sections and items. Perhaps their comments do not have our format of name/text/location/recommendation. Our import scripts try to make educated assumptions about format, but aren’t perfect. Your template will still require some work to ensure it is ready for use in the field.

Importing comments also means you may not be taking full advantage of Spectora’s efficient report-writing platform. We use many features like answer formats, a location field, dropdown recommendations, and default photos to speed up your report writing. We recommend changing your template to take advantage of these for maximum efficiency gain in the field.