Have you used this software?


Yes. I use it.

I like it because it is based on MS WORD, which I know well. Very easy to customize. Good customer service.

One of the best…

Erol Kartal

Thanks for your comments. What type of handhel or other equipment do you use to store and generate the report?

Can this software be used on a palm, pda, or the new sony reader?

A PDA version is available, (no extra charge if you own the software) I have used it once (well, twice) but I prefer to just take notes and photos and do the report on my desktop or laptop. (just my preference - ok, my eyesight too…) So I use my desktop and laptop, the reports are saved as a .DOC file on my hard drive and a back up on a external drive. You treat the report as any other Word file as far as printing and storage. I personally choose to convert the completed report to a PDF for emailing. Devwave also offers online report downloads for your clients if you want.

I think they offer a free demo.

Thanks for the reply, I will look for more information on their site.