Having a dog will keep you in shape

Home Inspection is really very physical. As a responsible dog owner you should walk your dog every day. It’s great exercise for the both of you. My morning excursion with Willy

Yes!!! My dog forces me to exercise. That looks beautiful!..where at?

That’s Bonsall, CA. It’s in North San Diego County about 10 miles from the ocean.

I will be out there in mid September for a wedding.

It should cool off by then

Making me feel guilty. I haven’t taken my dog out for a walk in 3 weeks.

I’m up at 4am so that I can take him every day.

I need to start doing the same thing. Lately it has been too hot even when I get home to take him out on the sidewalk or street. I have two huskys and they will work me out.

So true Frank.

I’m up at 4am setting out to take 500 pictures each day. I should stalk you some morning…LOL

If a dog will keep you in shape, try having 4 kids -LOL :smiley:

i have a friend who doesn’t have any kids, but has 4 Great Danes. :shock:

Who walks who??? :smiley:

Huskys? You need a harness and sled. :slight_smile: it really helps dogs mentally, as well as physically, to get out and walk every day.

I have 2 kids and 3 dogs. Never a dull moment around my house.

My wife does not want a dog but I do. How do I remedy this?

Take her to the shelter and let her see all the wonderful dogs available. That will melt anyone’s heart.

Get rid of the wife.