Having withdrawal

Have not had a leaking shower pan in almost a month though I was loosing my touch. Had one Sunday and yes I made a bathtub out of the shower stall with a stopper that is what I do


I was perusing through the VA plumbing code book (because that’s what I do in my spare time) and I found that this test is required by VA plumbing code. I bet the municipal inspector gets fired when he causes a leak huh? :wink:

Failed during testing:D I am sure your pretty wife enjoys you reading a plumbig code book in your spare time Be careful my young friend take care of the family or you will end up like me climbing roofs for fun;-)

Hahaha she only complains when I’m not giving her all my money for shopping.

Oh Boy.
Nah, I will not even bother as you will not listen.

You pulled the carpet back? What the hell were you thinking. That’s against the SOP!!!

Oh Chit did* I do that sorry I must of lost my mind;-)*

Lol idk what you are holding back but I was Jk. I don’t give her any money!:twisted:

Came across this the other day.

Looks like you’ve been down in Jersey! :wink:

Ya waited to long to check it water got away from you;-) I always check it the first 10 minues and then again after about 30 minutes just trying to keep from wetting all the carpet

Good old Charlie making friends with sellers all over the good ole USA.

Too soon…:wink:

No, this is Jersey…
Dune Design flaws…void in dune allows ocean to fill bay or Lake Como in Belmar which floods the town. Dah!

That the first sign Juan. The second sign is after shave you do not recognize;)
Pay attention to her buddy. Lonely OK but lonely paying someone to be lonely to is not whats is all about.