Hawks win the cup

Great going guys.
Chicago is fireworks central right now.:mrgreen:


Yes I watched the whole thing and Chicago deserved the cup.

Time to go see the cup again!


Heck of a run.
2 Cups in 4 years since Rocky Wirtz took over.
Every channel showing the crazy crowds outside wrigley where we all go after sports championships around here.
Heck even near me (i) can still hear the car horns and fireworks near midnight .

Nothing left but boring baseball till fall.

Not so enjoyable for me! But congrats just the same, The Black Hawks played well, the Bruins really cooled off after the Penguins series.

The Bruins played as well as they could.
Blackhawks are simply the best right now and did what they always do.
Score immediately after a score while the other team is trying to regroup.

Goals come in bunches always, the easiest time to score is right after a goal by either team.

The Hawks have great speed and they are tough, a tall order to try to compete with. The Bruins won the east for simply being tougher than all the other teams, Chicago put us to the test…We fell a bit short.

What you talkin’ bout Willis, we still have NASCAR and the NFL (Preseason starts August 4, beats a blank) :smiley:

That is not a sport.

Preseason is a joke and tells us nothing.
Just a chance to watch rookies.

Might as well watch practice as no coach will put veterans where they might get injured.
Must admit to being excited about our new coach here however.

Chicago is becoming the new “Little Canada”…wins at hockey and now one of the best coaches from the CFL going there…hope he does as well there as he did up here.

You may be right as I got a kick out of the Toronto Sun’s Headline today.
Toronto Sun.jpg

Toronto Sun.jpg

Toronto Sun.jpg

Well it was a really good series and personally I think the best team won…

Nothing beats a closely contested playoff hockey series. I contend playoff hockey is the most exciting sport there is. Non stop action packed!

Still take the NFL as best sport.

Baseball is like watching grass grow and wonder who has time to sit and watch it.

Basketball can be fun but feels like it is fixed with all the phantom calls.(anyone even ever get called for flopping ?)

Soccer (what’s that?)

Hockey …is there any team that does not make the playoffs ?

I agree the NFL is still king, but after playoff hockey, how can I go watch baseball unless i’m trying to get to sleep.

Basketball is fun, but the officials do suck, and take the fun out of it because you never know what the heck is going to happen, they control the game too much… Labron James never gets called for a foul, ever?!

This hockey season was great, I enjoyed the compressed schedule its like the playoff run started right away.

Soccer, sorry I disagree, I played in college and semi pro, I enjoy it as do all my kids. I still play and coach. I agree playing is certainly more fun than watching though.