hazardous attic access

How many would write this attic access opening.



I would mention special care is needed when entering attic , Common sense should be pretty simple . Turn off fan before entering .


Would not mention it myself…

For some strange reason, chop sewie comes to my mind.

I think “hazardous” is a pretty strong statement. The fan isn’t powerful enough to cause any kind of permanent harm. Maybe if it was going full speed and you stuck your head in it, it might cause a small laceration. But if you do that, you kind of get what you deserved. I would just point it out verbally as a funny situation, but would leave it at that.

2 SIMPLE report comments that don’t take many words come to mind:

  1. Attic hatch is located directly over ceiling fan blades. When entering attic / Turn the fan off 1st.


  1. The attic hatch is located directly over ceiling fan blades. It would not be considered safe to enter the attic with ceiling fan in operation.

Then keep going to something more important.

No big deal.

Do not sharpen blades…everything will be fine.

I guess the degree of hazard depends on how far up ladder you are when someone else flips the switch.


Sounds good to me!

I’m not saying there isn’t someone out there, but, if someone called me back and said that I hadn’t warned them to turn the fan off before trying to gain access, they have got some real issues. I can not see a case like this going very far at all. Seriously people, some times we need to let common sense prevail. I mean, we can also put disclaimers in our reports that silverware is not to be plugged into the electrical receptacles, but I doubt any of do.

No problem unless the fan is turned on and there is a cat attached to one of the blades.

Remember the lady that sued McDonalds because she spilled hot coffee on herself, don’t know how much she made from that but now there are disclaimers on the cup, that are hot…with steam rolling out…besides there was no “cold coffee” back then.

LOL, I just spit out my coffee on that one Kenton.
That was funny as hell. :mrgreen:

Any ways, tagout of the ceiling fan would be prudent before accessing the attic due to it’s infringement to the access area. :slight_smile:

Wow you have a way with words Marcel lol,
Here how this old redneck would word it
When getting stash from attic, Stupid ,turn off the fan. Or headache will occur

Only early in the morning Wayne. :mrgreen:

Once the fan blade hits the ladder used for access it will stop :wink:

So we should be putting disclaimers in our reports regarding silverware and electrical receptacles? I understand your point of view Robert, but sometimes we have to say enough is enough. When 90% of our report is disclaimers and directions for people that just don’t get it though, we have a problem. Really, break the supplied pic down to its’ simplest concept. Should it really be necessary for an inspector to warn the potential home buyer that they should turn the fan off before trying to access the attic? If you can’t figure that one out, you have no business owning a home, much less living on your own, I think.

“Where’s your sign?”

Sorry Bill Engvall !