HBO Documentaries - Coma

I was in the mood for a heavy documentary last night and watched this HBO doc called “Coma”. it follows 4 relatively young people with bad head injuries & brain damage as they come out of their comas and medical professionals & their family start to investigate how likely it is they will recover. Really brutal stuff, you’ve been warned.

One of the patients was a young man in his 30’s who fell from a balcony. Coincidentally, I had just finished reviewing a report where I called out structural deficiencies in a balcony, including a severely overnotched guardrail post (shout out to @bcawhern1) . I was anxious about blowing up the deal with these first time homebuyers, but damn this doc made me feel much more confident about my recommendation.

I know people love to moan about OSHA’s failings, but they do a great job at educating construction professionals about construction safety. Ive taken the 30 hour and 10 hour OSHA card courses and it’s filled with famous case studies surrounding safety topics that really shine a light on important measures, like this incident in the doc does. I think its important for inspectors get a look at the real world consequences of things like this.