HCFC Refrigerant Discontinuation Jan 1, 2020

The Environmental Protection Agency previously mandated that production and importation of HCFC must stop by January 1, 2020.

Since most air conditioners built before 2010 use HCFC, this could have a big impact on the HVAC industry.

HVAC techs may encourage clients to either switch to more modern systems or retrofit their old ones.

Check out EPA’s “What You Need to Know” information sheet.


Good info, Ben. Thanks.

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We did this once before, for those that were around, with R-12. Same thing happened existing stock price shot through the roof, older systems were retrofitted to newer refrigerants. Reclaiming refrigerants is already the norm (it wasn’t for R-12, but was mandated then), just more work for the HVAC guys.

and higher repair costs of course…