He, C--mented the whole thing in lol, and a basement leak

4:25 - umm, good luck dude, i doubt your C ment job lasts lolol

4:40 'that outta work"… not good enough broHE-burger, no guarantee huh

8:15 basement leak, well HELLO! haha

why leave sht OPEN, unprotected Mr Builder n friends?

i bet some would say … regrade to keep water out hahahaha! smfh

sure sure sure, go ahead and devise some sort of ‘drainage scheme’, fine! But you dork-brains need to keep sht sealed up/waterproofed because, just like in this video, rain will still fall out of the SKY and land along this area and soak into the stupid soil and then go through exterior openings into the dumb SKillion dolla$ house, some just will never get-it.

from now, put those lil lanscaping drainage techniques in writing, a nice long guarantee for the homeowners, put $$ where the yapper is please, thank you!