HE furnace long exhaust

HE furnace exhaust is under deck. Contractor, to prevent rotting of the deck from the acidic exhaust, extended it about 12’ out from house so it exhausts at the end of the deck. Exhaust was wrapped with pipe-wrap to insulate, but I can’t imagine that would be allowed by furnace mfg.

Am I right?

Fine as long as its pitched back toward furnace. Insulation was added to help with freezing condensate. Should be fine as long as clearance from anticipated snow level in place.

From one of the manufactures

Look up the make and model for installation instructions via Google. I recently changed mine from a concentric to a dual intake/exhaust because I had to get it out of the snow build up plugging it. The specifications were a maximum of 24" of vertical exhaust out on the exterior with a 90 degree elbow, twisted 45 degrees from the plane of the house, on top. It was very exacting…