He said a Plumber did this....

Hi all,

Gas water heater on today’s inspection. He said a “plumber” installed this water heater. Like the mounting on the 2x-4x4’s? Or do you think the insulation “stuffing” is better?!:shock: :|.)

100_4251 (Small).JPG

100_4252 (Small).JPG


So what’s the problem?

Is there no hot water?


Are those burn marks on 4x4’s ??

BTW I don’t think it was a plumber that installed this water heater…weekend warrior but not a pro. plumber.

Looks like water to me Mario.

As much as I would like to say that the back yard plumber installed this unit? I see this type of installation in the basements of $800,000.00 homes every day. But for the over stuffing of the insulation? That my friend was done by someone else. I for myself wonder how this gas heater gets enough air to properly work? :shock:

Hi Mark,

This unit was SO wabbly I think a cross breeze could have knocked it down. OK maybe that is an exageration, but it was very wabbly. Wouldn’t think of not calling it out.

It appears that when a housekeeping pad was about to get done, they discovered that it would bury the gas line and water line mains so left it out.

That is why they never finished the ceramic tile. So they figured that setting it on fire rated lumber would work, but just in case they would stuff more insulation to protect the wood from burning. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: