HE water heater vent flue clearance

Hey y’all, I’m wondering what the clearances for an HE water heater vent near an outdoor balcony/entryway. Also, the attic only has soffit vents and the water heater is drawing air only from the attic.

IMG_0081 IMG_0082

Eric, if you have the make and model, you can look up the installation instructions online. That should answer your questions.

The attic having only soffit vents may not be enough communication to the outside for the make up air but the installation instructions will help you with that.

Best to you.

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It’s a listed appliance, you have to read the manual to know the clearance requirement.

Attic will be fine as combustion air source.

Eric, use the profile settings to fill in your location. Condensing units usually require freeze protection for the condensate drain in vented attics subject to freezing temperatures. This is rarely done by the installers. Do you have a zoomed out pic of the unit where we can see the piping? Many things to check on an installation such as this.