Head Start Packet

What is everyone’s response to the Head Start packet that
came in the mail for everyone to hand out?

What has been the response from your clients?

I am asking because I feel a little strange handing out a packet
of ads and coupons at my inspection. Kinda makes me feel
sleazy all over.

The Brinks brochure at least offers an inspection related
service at no cost when they do a security inspection, but
all these other brochures, ads, and coupons make me feel
like I’m salesman for the vendors.

Just got mine today, haven’t had a chance to use them, but I think there is some useful information in there. I think clients will appreciate anything that would make the move easier, such as the “to do” lists, things not to forget etc.


Ditto John:(

My wife liked the included trash bag and wants me to start using them on a regular basis, starting with the…

thanks anyway

I just got mine today and as a former buyer’s agent, I found a lot of useful stuff in it for someone moving. Even the ads were all “moving” related. I’ve never seen any other print media so useful to our profession’s clients (people about to move). And of course there are few newspapers or magazines out there that are ad free and the ads are in some ways, better than the tips.

Havent seen this before, who’s is it from, NACHI?

Customize them to your business (add a business card) and some other helpful info geared to your home inspection business & it’s another little marketing gimmick in your favor. NACHI has given us another freebie that we can use to our advantage with a little imagination - or we can make the choice not to use them. I, for one appreciate this effort. Thanks Nick & NACHI. :slight_smile:

I gave 2 out today along with my Card and the reponse was excellent!

Also sent one for a couple relocating, and they about Popped! They could not stop thanking me.

Great job Aimee and Nick!

I just received mine about fifteen minutes ago. They look like a good handout that will be well received positively by clients.

Just one more of hundreds of reasons to be a member of NACHI.

OK… I am going to give them out and monitor the response.

I got my box at 10 am… left 4 by 6pm( busy day) no response yet(obviously), but it seems like a nice handout.

Thanks NACHI!!!

This org. seems to hit me with the good stuff every year at renuell time… LOL renuell? is that a word?? Whatever, on to the cool stuff…

First, I had 55 micro testers then I get a huge box of the head start packets…

I hope everyone got there microwave testers??? I still have one to send out. That leaves me 3…
I played with these things a bit and you do not want to go past 20 sec. or it esplodes, (well it shorts out) If you put it in for 1 min with some grapes it makes a really cool plasma show…:smiley:

Thank you again NACHI:D

Todd: Each NACHI member’s renewal date is on the anniversary of the date they joined, so there is no “renewal time” at NACHI. See: http://www.nachi.org/memberstats.htm

Ya know what I would like…:smiley:

I would like a breakdown of members in, and what those were spent on… I know we have tons of … “what’s new”, but I am certain very few NACHI members use them or even know about them… I for one use very little of it as most of it is useless to me.

I think the intake and the output of …**non-profit **monies(dues) should be posted as to what goes where and what it does for the NACHI member… A list of “what’s new” is kinda silly as it does not post the flow of cash.

I want to see a breakdown of flow… It’s simple really MS excell is not to hard to figure out.

If we, as an Org. can do that then we will trully be the top of the crop HI associaction… wow! need spell check lol

This and the massive amounts of Ray vs. wand ( no offence Ramond) have pushed even me away from this board, not like I am wanted around , but that is not the point.
I have been here for some time and I have never seen any accounting for the monies invested by members… Hey, I know you get your worth, as this is by far the best HI board available, but were does the go?

My time is short so I am speaking my mind…

I wish all HI’s the best, but especially the NACHI folks, as you, as always stick together and always help one another. Cheers my friends, it’s a tough battle , but it must be fought.Do not let Nick rest, he should have to explain his acctions,** n****ot really he owns the place… lol

Try not to be blind to the BS, it may not make you any friends, but it will give you piece of mind.
That’s my oppininion and I am going to stick to it…

See you all in the funny pages=== Tech threads:cool:

I am out…:mrgreen:

Thank you again for the micro testers and the package… I was kidding about the renuwall date as it pertains to my getting stuff LOL…

I got my notice 3 months ago…

Thanks for everything Nick.(really)

Somehow I get the feeling this is not really Nick???:roll:


Todd, stay home… if

“Home is where the heart is”… I have been offered big bucks
to leave “Home” but I knew it would not make me happy.

Be careful and good luck.

I just got mine today. Will see what my inspection tomorrow brings with passing it out.

Let’s see…Sand and Snakes OR Sand and bullets.

I would stay at home by the pool.