Heads up! and eyes open

This is just a reminder to look out for stray wires in crawl spaces and attics. I was recently working in a crawl space working on rot repair and on the other side of the crawl space I noticed a range wire with exposed ends hanging from the floor joists, out of curiosity I tested it with my non-contact voltage tester and it was hot 240 volts. :exploding_head: The homeowners said they replaced the electric range with a gas range and the installers pushed the wire into the crawl space and did not remove it from the panel, and not knowing the homeowners turned the breaker on. HEADS UP!


Be careful Scott you need to hang around for your expert advise.


Florida attics can be deadly, besides the chance of heat stroke

Ferracano was pronounced dead by first responders, who cut a hole in the ceiling below the attic to retrieve the body

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That’s a terrible way to go.:pensive:

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I find stuff like that all the time…

Heads up buddy.
Hate to see you on downtime for any reason.

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Had a pest Inspector electrocuted while crawling in a damp crawl, and coming in contact with a live wire.

Sorry to hear that, Brian…condolences to his family and friends.

Very unfortunate. Did he recover?