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Hey All-
I am new to InterNACHI, but have been working with the employees in Boulder to help with everyone’s healthcare. Such a great group of people, and as I hear we have wonderful members from around the country and the world on this site. Since I can’t offer you my physical services, I want to share a bit about health and how it can help your business. As discussed in a previous thread, health is often overlooked and we don’t start to put energy into it until something bad happens. However, preventative measures are simple: eat right and exercise. The docs have been saying it all along. It is amazing how much better you will feel mentally and physically throughout your day by making healthier choices. For many, this means eating period. Don’t forget to eat! It is so important when you are at work expending energy. Eating consistently will also help you lose weight because your body will not be creating stress hormones to output sugar for energy.

What does this mean for business? If you are healthy your mind will be more clear, you will deal with others more effectively, your customers will notice your vibrancy and great attitude. You will get more referrals. You will feel better, stronger and be able to perform your job with more vigor. All of this equals more prosperity!
There is a lot more information in my book, and it is really easy to understand! I will start linking to articles on my website for free information about health. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.

The book:

How Does Stress Affect the Immune System?

When my wise old grandmother was helping me set up my first business in 1966 (I was 11), she taught me several things that I still practice: (1) Schedule time for yourself each and every day, (2) eat well, (3) sleep well.

I definitely agree with that! You heal when you sleep. I’d say exercise too-just to keep the blood moving, organs functioning, etc. But I also understand those with physically demanding jobs are getting exercise throughout the day. Sounds like your grandmother also taught you about a good work ethic! :slight_smile:

Exercise usually falls under my “schedule time for yourself each day.” However, in some of these multi-story McMansion homes I definitely get my exercise.

when is the Nachi Obamacare discounted group healthcare going to be available?

Health depends on your genetics.

Myself, I eat a hamburger everyday, drink sodas, beer, pizza on weekends. I never exercise. I like a good steak. Salad is not in my vocabulary. I am 64, and can do more than any other of my family members.

I recently had a heart scan, and have zero plaque in any of my arteries. The doctors wanted to know what my diet was. I told them, and they could not believe that I had the heart and arteries of a 17 year old with my diet. I told them I varied my diet from day to day. Monday is McDonalds, Tuesday Wendy’s, Wednesday is KFC. Thursday is Freddy’s. Friday it is Cheddars with the wife. Sunday it is BBQ on my patio.

Just for laughs, they scanned my heart again, and it was the same. My Dad lived to 95. My mom is 94, and still living at home. My uncle is 97, and dating women at his living center.

I cannot wait to get old. Exercise wears out your body early. Do it in moderation.

My daily exercise is getting up at 5:00 and heading to the outdoors to walk around acres and acres of streets, beaches, forests, parks, etc., to take pictures. Average about 500 pictures each day. Then I come home to jalapeño nachos, margaritas, beer, barbecued chicken, pizza, Mexican food, Italian food, and just about anything else I want to eat. That’s my reward for getting exercise out of the way early each day…LOL

So are we going to have Nachicare?

I agree keeping stress low is vital.
While it does happen I try to make it a rarity, I don’t over book, I always take a day off each week.
I’m a bit more conscientious than Gary about diet, I’ll do burgers but salads too.
I love having a lunch break at Panera, great salads.

And he’s right, genetics is huge.
My father died last year at 94, up to 93.5 he was still working one day a week and even golfing a few holes. Mom made to 86 in good shape.

Not much on exercise but I keep trim.
Mental attitude means a lot, I love what I do and love learning and growing.
I truly believe that keeps us healthier and younger.

Thanks for bringing this up Amy!

Perhaps Nick or Chris would create a section in the Members Only area for questions and such with you. I’m sure the general public isn’t interested in knowing their local Home Inspector is falling apart at the seams and asking for advice online!!! :wink:

That’s quite a track record Gary! Of course genetics plays a part and there are always exceptions to the norm. But most people who eat fast food continuously are not in very good health. Some people smoke until they are in their 90’s also, but it does not mean they have the best quality of life.

They have done studies and have streamed the info in documentaries such as Fast Food Nation, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and Super Size me that demonstrates what happens to the normal body on fast food. I always practice and profess moderation. Burgers are not bad but its an overabundance of red meat that can be detrimental. And the fries…and the carbs…and the sugars. Greens and veggies are very important because they contain vitamins that the body needs and they provide energy/clarity. Many find exercise to be enjoyable. Here in Boulder its like ‘exercise nation’ with some of the best athletes, triathletes and competitors and I think these people really see the difference in diet because their systems are running so efficiently. But there is such thing as over-exercising or becoming to obsessed with health. A few people spoke about ‘balance’ on the forum and that really is the key…and attitude, and laughter… Thanks everyone for contributing to the discussion!

To each their own. Most people know what they need to do and decide what they want to do. We are not here to judge anyone, just to create an informative talk for those who wish to participate.

*If you do not wish to participate, just please move on like any other thread that you may or may not be interested in. If anyone has a question, please feel free to private message me.

NACHIcare is an interesting idea. I will ask Nick, you never know!

  1. My best advice to you would be to ignore Jonas he complains about every thing that is not his way he even complains about the sun rising every morning;-)

Guilty conscience? Nobody told you to take it personally!

No guilt here I try real hard to just ignore you thus my suggestion above;-)

I think Jeffrey was just trying to make a positive suggestion, and I think it was a great idea, as it reminded me to tell people to private message me, if they would like some advice if falling apart. :slight_smile:
Nick wants to keep health in the general discussion area for now. And…I only wrote the bit above moving on if not interested in health because I know not everyone cares about this…and again, to each their own.

Im not here to convince anyone of anything, but rather to share a discussion for those who choose. And…in my business its called a ‘medical practice’ for a reason, because I learn from my patients as much as they learn from me. I think this is certainly true of any business, as well as home inspectors correct?-we are always learning and growing.

One of my patients really taught me something-he is 73 yrs old and had a stroke and has been laying in bed, paralyzed on one side…for the past 2 years, in a nursing home!!! He is an awesome funny guy, and he has told me he wished he did it differently. He ate everything, was overweight at around 300lbs. He said that people don’t think about health until it is too late. True! So, a few preventative measures can be very beneficial. So, let us remember-we learn from others…we learn what we want to be and not want to be. We learn from the good and the bad.
Happy Saturday! :smiley:

Amy I certainly agree to keep it in the public area Jonas has a few fetishes that he should keep in the member only area but most of us have nothing to hide. I am 70 years of age and still going strong. A Steep roof is my fetish. I retired once from a oil refinery and all my friends my age sit in a rocking chair already dead or waiting to die. When I give in to the grim reaper I will be on the move he will have to run fast to catch me. My age bracket must keep their mind and body active. I have a 47 year old son and a 21 year old grandson that have a hard time keeping up with the old man. At my age I only work 1/2 days which in Okla is 12 hours I used to work 16 hours;-). I think it is a disease called workaholic

Nick… now that “The Goblin from Oklahoma” has destroyed yet another thread, feel free to move this one to the NFE.

No the thread was destroyed when you showed up complaining as usual. Do you Really think Nick cares what you think. He kicked you out once, to bad he had members remorse;-)