Health Insurance through InterNACHI for 2020

As a Lone Wolf home inspector I was really hoping InterNachi would be able to get there group insurance thing up and running. Any updates on this?

Anyone else have a suggestion for insurance that is reasonable for a family in michigan?

Your choices are pretty much what ObamaCare offers, an exempted health sharing plan or temporary insurance which can leave you liable for the individual shared-responsibility mandate. There is an option for association based planes, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for InterNACHI to come through. It’s one of those over-hyped and under-delivered promises. All I think they’ve put forth so far is supplemental medical through a broker.

I switched to an AlieraCare healthshare plan (currently Trinity) a few hears ago when all that was available was a shit BCBS plan that was totally untenable. Heath sharing plans are not insurance, so if you go that route, choose carefully (size of the member pool matters).

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It’s not for everyone (gotta be healthy & Christian-religious) but I know people who are very pleased with the program.
So check it out & be very sure it is good for you & your family.
# Should You Consider Medi-Share for Health Insurance?

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing program, a simple yet powerful solution to rising healthcare costs. As a not-for-profit organization, our community of Christian members agree to share each other’s medical expenses saving them thousands of dollars on their healthcare.