Health insurance

A great day to all:
What do full time home inspectors use for health insurance?
All answers greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ed

The wife’s.:smiley:

Unicare, on a health savings plan,

Blue Cross PPO 3500

I was out to dimmer with two other couples last week. Three corporate wives providing the insurance for three self-employed husbands.

If my wife lost her job tomorrow, I would have to quit HI and start looking for a job - literally ANY job - which provided her with insurance: she has had cancer, and there is no way for us to obtain full coverage for her on an individual plan, the only way to get her covered again would be for one or the other of us to be insured through work. So we would both have to immediately start looking for a job providing her with insurance.

If you qualify medically, I would go with an individual health plan, probably an HSA. Now, you need to realize that the health insurance company has the right to pick and choose their risk. The can rider/exclude any pre-existing condition they want to. And they will get an APS (Attending Physician Statement) from your doc to validate the questions you answer on the health application.

In some states, you can qualify as a “one person group.” Where you can get guaranteed issue health insurance as a one-man band. Keep in mind, however, that the insurance companies will assume that you’re applying as a group because you don’t qualify otherwise. And mark you up accordingly.

Another clever way, in some states, to get “group” insurance as a one man band is to “employ” your spouse assuming you have one. Put he/she on the payroll, the money’s going to the same place in the end anyway. The only thing you spend money on is payroll taxes.

I could go on and on about this and make recommendations for different types of plans… but as I said before, the HSA is where health insurance is going. Feel free to call me with any questions, I’m glad to assist.