Health Question

Hello All

Recently my husband was in a Motorcycle accident and broke a pelvic bone wide open, broke a hip, had many blood transfusions, many many bags of fluid, Magnesium, Calcium, Electroylite roller coaster effect, causeing heart lung kidney problems, clots, low blood presure, surgery.

The poor guy is in a lot of pain and is Hugly black and purple in the groin area.

Sorry its been a long two days…a bit of babble

Any guys had a broken pelvic bone before?
What have you encountered? what should I expect?

although I think i have experienced alot in the last couple of days, I know there is more to come, any heads up would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.


I’ve got no experience with an accident like that. Best I can do is say a prayer for you and your husband… So I did.

Don’t forget, you need rest too. Try to sleep, and make sure you eat. It will make the stress more bearable if you can.

what Mark said Amy…another prayer said…Hang in there…Jim

Hi Amy!
I Pray that your husband gets better soon. It may seem long a very long and painful journey but the saying “This to shall pass” is true.

Keep the faith!

I looked at your website and saw that the “font” on the section “About us” is really small and hard to read.

Now that you and your husband have some time on your hands I would suggest that you review your entire website and “tweak” or update it.

Bye for now… Take care… and may God Bless you and your family!

Yes, best wishes to you and your husband for a speedy recovery.

Also, I notice “Pricing” on your site takes you to “My Promise”

Take care!

Amy you may want to do a search on HBOT and ask your doctor about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, there could be some relief found with this along with easier healing process, I have seen the resultys HBOT has and it may be worth the call to your doctor.
email if you need some help or questions on the subject

HI AMY. All the best to you and your husband, have you heard of Noni? I would not be with out it.

Thank you all so VERY MUCH for your prayers and comments,
I have done some tweakin to my website and its continuing as I have a little time.
My Husband is at home now, now we wait for time to pass as the healing process takes place. then we get to take rehab as he learns to walk again. It’s all Good, as he is doing well, and is not Brocolli.

Thanks for all the wishes and good thoughts.

Good News Amy…thanks for the up-date…jim