Hearing for Kansas SB 377

Hearing for Kansas senate bill 377 to be held Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 9:00 A.M. in Room 784 of the Docking building, just west of the capitol. Read the bill here:


This is supposed to fix the mess from HB2260.

State of Kansas delays payment of $200 million to state schools; again.

State may be out of money.


I was the only inspector at this meeting. I think you know how I must feel.

Better to be on your own than to be there with the guys looking for their own side deals. Not too many inspectors willing to really fight to oppose bad laws, Gary.

How did it go?

I really believe that some lawmakers are tired of “correcting” these laws in Kansas. I can use other terms for that word. They are getting the same sales pitch over and over again from lobbyists and even from the chairman who is an RE himself. Since Kansas is behind in paying their bills, their time needs to be used elsewhere. The law will sunset in 2013 anyway. That means the lawmakers will have to vote then whether or not to renew the laws. I belive the truth is finally getting out.

James, stop BS about the laws in Missouri. They have financial problems also that need to be discussed, and the laws in Missouri most likely will be put on the back burner. There are other priorities. Sometimes no noise is the loudest.

No offense, Gary, but the last place I will seek advice as to how to avoid a bad home inspection law is someone from Kansas. I’m sure you understand.

It’s not like Kansas is rolling in dough…and with a third shot to kill it, they still are in bed with the real estate salesmen pushing this bill. Your HI licensing board continues to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Silence from the majority of home inspectors is what the special interest groups are counting on and I am not one to oblige.

Noise and chaos works. How was the meeting?