Hearth Question?

If I remember correctly a fireplace hearth should be min. 16" deep and min. 8" beyond each side. Question: Can these measurements be less if the fireplace has a permanently installed set of vented gas logs?

You are correct about the 16 & 8; I did not see anything about being less if was vented gas logs. I did not dig into the code book, but I’m sure somebody will be able to help you.

Sounds good if the fireplace has an opening of 6 sq. ft. or less.

If more than 6 sq. ft., then it needs 20" and 12".

What do you mean by pemanently installed gas logs?

How do gas logs get installed “permanently”?

Ok guys… Let’s not get too hung up on the word permanent. LOL

So, then, you can’t really consider whether or not gas logs are present if the fireplace was designed to burn combustible materials. Anyone can remove the gas logs and put some wood in it.

I think Larry was talking residential not commercial…

I would just refer to as when inspected Joe is right logs can be removed . If non vent log was present when inspected . that is what was inspected.
Just put in if fireplace is going to used other than non Vented logs. further evaluation must be done. And Modification may be required to bring it todays standards.

No difference. A fireplace is a fireplace, regardless of what the structure around it is used for. http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm#17

Nick around here New homes do not even have hearth. with gas logs.

If firebox is manufactured for gas logs it does not require a hearth. If firebox is manufactured for wood burning or both gas logs or wood burning it must have a hearth area that meets code.

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Page 9 and 10

HEARTH (not required)


Although this Standard applies to both commercial and residential fireplaces and chimneys, this Standard exceeds the requirements of both InterNACHI’s *Commercial *and Residential Standards of Practices. The inspection shall include examination of readily accessible and visible portions of solid-fuel-burning, low-heat fireplaces and chimneys.

Correct. The idea is to charge extra for it as an ancillary add-on inspection. The free checklist reporting form is just below the standard.