Heat detector wiring

Hi everyone
I wanted see if anyone can help me? I had an inspection today on townhome that hada hard wired heat detection system. All the wires in the attic were not in conduit. I work In the Chicago area where usually everything is in conduit. Is this normal for these wires? I have not come across this before now. Also in the distribution panel the breaker that is labeled fire panel has a safety clip so it can not be turned off. I this normal?

Jeff Prince
Safe At Home Inspections

I don’t know about the Chicago code, specifically, but I can tell you that system-type heat detectors are a low-voltage system. Do they put telephone wires and doorbell wires in conduit in Chicago? If not, then your heat detectors are probably okay not being in conduit. The NEC wouldn’t typically require them in pipe.

Yes, sure is. Keeps someone from accidentally (or purposely!) turning off the FACP. In a Square D panel, there are a variety of accessories used for this, but you’d normally see a QO1LO used on the breaker handle. The breaker can still trip, if called into duty for that, but just can’t be turned off without removal of the handle lock-on device.


Thanks for all your help. The low voltage wire in chicago does not have to be in conduit. The heat detection system just kind of threw me for a loop. This the first time I have come across it. I just wanted to make sure for my client.