Heat, Drought, Heavy Storms Bring Home Improvement Worries, and Fraudsters

It’s no doubt that the weather this year is the worst it’s been a quite a while. As drought and fires burn the heartland and points west, those east of the Mississippi are being deluged with rain and severe storms. This severe weather patterns add up to homeowner damages, and be sure, across the country fraudulent contractors are crawling out of the cracked and soggy earth.

In the past week, the Ohio Attorney General has brought charges against a contractor who left numerous jobs unfinished and shoddy. In New Jersey, the state Attorney General is bringing charges against contractors who have defrauded “dozens of customers,” by taking their money and not returning to complete the work. And the same thing is happening all across the country.

From contractors who will fix your buckled roof, to those who will cut down your spit and broken trees, millions of dollars are lost each year to fraudulent contractors. Protect yourself, and your parents and other loved ones from these types of criminals. Be wary of any contractor or company that comes to your house uninvited. Don’t give them one dime until you research who you are dealing with. Never pay off a job before it’s completed, as promised, and contact the local police if you have suspicions about a contractor or company.

Contractors should offer to reimburse prospective clients for a final independent inspection of their own work, prior to the consumer releasing final payment. This would help contractors sell more jobs and also assure the consumer that the job was done properly.

The notion that a consumer can find a good contractor by reading reviews of other consumers who know nothing about construction and base their opinion on whether or not the contractor was pleasant, didn’t track dirt on the carpet, or offered to walk their dog… is ridiculous.

All consumers should withhold the final payment to their contractor until an inspector from www.OverSeeIt.com confirms the work is completed and completed correctly.

Now Nick if everyone applied this we would not have such a mess.
There are allot of buddy buddy contractors here in SSM On.