Heat Exchanger Question

My bad. I thought you were asking about a heat pump vs. an air conditioner, not a heat pump vs. a heat exchanger.

A heat exchanger can’t generate heat without another component such as a boiler, gas furnace, heat pump, etc.

Heat exchangers only transfer the heat they don’t create the heat.

Understanding Heat Exchangers - Types, Designs, Applications and Selection Guide (thomasnet.com)


Thank you Ryan and Neil. That was the question I was trying to confirm.


It was answered twice before. AND a good deal of supplemental information. I am glad it all clicks for you now.

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And finally a third time after your meltdown.


Questions answer.

The 4 types of heat exchangers, and their applications.
1: Double Tube Heat Exchangers: Double tube heat exchangers use what is known as a tube within a tube structure.
2: Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:
3: Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers:
4: Plate Heat Exchangers:


A: Air-source heat pump. Main article: Air-source heat pump.
B: Ground-source heat pump. Main article: Ground-source heat pump.
C: Exhaust air heat pump. Main article: Exhaust air heat pump.
D: Solar-assisted heat pump. See also: Solar-assisted heat pump.
E: Water-source heat pump. Water-source heat-exchanger being installed.

What the hell is going on here?!
I don’t know what the original question was, some people are on my list.

But there is all kinds of misinformation, identification, terminology and concepts which is wrongly used. That’s fine, we all use different terms and live in different countries, but this leads to “wrong”.

Let me address two subjects on this thread with a one-liner answer.

Heat Pump: A Refrigeration System that can reverse the flow of refrigerant to direct heat into, or out of a building.

Heat Exchanger: A device that “exchanges” higher temperature to lower temperature fluid (liquid or air).

As for all the discussion of how to identify a heat pump:
Look for this. If it is not there, it is not a heat pump.


I know many of you think that is a musical instrument but it is a REVERSING valve.


:joy: :joy: :joy: And one of the biggest pain in the ass parts to replace…

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